Biotin and Hair Growth – How to Speed Up Hair Growth

People tend to have questions around biotin and hair growth. Questions like “What is the relationship between biotin and hair growth?”, “Does biotin work for hair growth?”, and “How does biotin speed up hair growth?”. Those are very valid questions, and we’re going to aim to answer all those in this post.


Biotin and Hair Growth - How to Speed up your hair growth | HairGrowthHQ

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H or B7 is a part of the B-complex vitamin. Biotin is a water soluble that supports metabolization and digestion. It also supports the increase of healthy hair growth, and aids with the acceleration of hair growth during the anagen stage of a typical hair growth cycle.

Biotin is known to help with the increase of hair elasticity, and protecting hair from dryness. It is also known to help with the thickening of hair to give it a more fuller appearance. Biotin plays a big role in the metabolization of fatty acids and amino acids. Since hair strands are largely composed of a protein called keratin, the metabolization of amino acids (the compounds that make all protein) is vital for the production of beautiful, healthy hair. Biotin also plays a role in the stabilization of blood sugar levels, which is a huge benefit for individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Biotin deficiencies are usually associated with hair loss, unexplained hair breakage. Biotin deficiency isn’t commonly encountered, but can develop in individuals who consume an excessive amount of alcohol, and in individual who maintain a poor diet.


How does Biotin and Hair Growth - How to Speed up your hair growth work? | HairGrowthHQ

During your hair growth cycle, there is a stage called the “Anagen” phase. During the Anagen phase your hair is growing about half an inch a month. This growth continues for 2-6 year, resulting in around 12 – 36 inches of hair growth depending on the individual and their genetic makeup. During this phase, to ensure your hair follicles are producing the maximum amount of hair it’s important to give your body the nutrients it needs to flourish; this is where biotin comes in. Biotin aids with the metabolization of amino acids, which are the building block of healthy hair. Your hair itself is composed primarily of a protein called keratin, which is produced by your scalp with amino acids. Without amino acids, or nutrients that aids with the production of amino acids, long, beautiful healthy hair CANNOT be achieved. This is the fundamental process of how biotin and hair growth works.

Biotin not only aids with metabolization and the production of healthy hair growth, it also prevents hair dryness. Using biotin for a period of 6 months or more, aids in the production of healthier hair follicles which translates to stronger, fuller, healthier hair. Biotin also aids with reducing hair breakage by increasing hair elasticity. If a person is suffering from hair loss, taking extra biotin may aid with healthy, fuller hair growth, due to the internal activities biotin enhances and activates.


Food Sources with Biotin for Hair Growth - How to Speed up your hair growth work? | HairGrowthHQ

Biotin can be found in a wide range of foods like meats, seafood, eggs, diary products, beans, fruits and nuts. The biggest factor to consider and keep top of mind is your daily biotin intake. Due to hectic life habits, busy schedules, and the fast paced culture we live in, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy, well balanced diet. Most people don’t, which causes a deficient in the amount of vitamins and minerals their body needs for the production of healthy hair. By opting for a hair growth supplement with biotin, the stresses of having to consume the right amount of food per day to see a result in healthy hair growth is removed, so we highly recommend it.

Not all individuals are able to absorb biotin found in food. Individuals who aren’t able to, typically have an A blood type, suffer from symptoms of GERD, or have severe acid reflux. In those cases, taking biotin supplements helps them achieve dietary requirements.



It really depends on the individual and their genetics. Some people opt for an extremely high dosage like 10,000mcg, while others opt for 5,000mcg. The recommended daily requirement simply for keeping your body working is around 30mcg, but once again, that’s simply to maintain a healthy hair growth pattern and can be achieved by having a well balanced diet. However, if you want to see a result with biotin and hair growth, upping the intake of biotin with greatly aid with the production of stronger, thicker, healthier hair.

We recommend starting with around 1000mcg to start, and increasing the dosage as time progresses.


Does Biotin work for hair growth?

The million dollar question. The answer is, it plays a role in the production of healthy, stronger, thicker hair growth, but it’s not a silver bullet. There are other aspects to consider if you want to create a great environment for the production of healthy, beautiful hair. Biotin and hair growth is interweaved and to achieve a healthy mane, it is part of the process. Some other aspects to consider are a healthy diet, low levels of stress, adequate amount of exercise, and plenty of water to increase your chances of speeding up your hair growth.


Tips for using biotin for Hair Growth - How to Speed up your hair growth work? | HairGrowthHQ

Stay Hydrated and Drink Water

The biggest tip we’d recommend is staying hydrated. Water tends to be an overlooked component of biotin/vitamin intake and healthy hair growth. Water aids with hydrolysis, which is how your body breaks compounds into nutrients. When biotin or anything in general is ingested, your body’s goal is to break it down which requires a good amount of water. Aside from aiding with hydrolysis, your roots need a good amount of water saturation for healthy hair growth.

Use a Supplement

Getting biotin from foods is a great goal, but a difficult task to track. The best way to ingest biotin and know the levels you’ve consumed is by opting for a supplement with biotin in it. Taking supplements is simple, quick, and painless; you take it once a day, and the rest is history

Get other Vitamin and Minerals

Biotin isn’t a silver bullet. Biotin is just one of multiple things that speed up hair growth, and aids with the growth of healthy, strong hair. There are great hair growth supplements in the market that have a combination of multiple nutrients that fuel your body for great, healthy hair growth.

Reduce your Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol reduces the amount of biotin your body absorbs, and also destroys the B vitamins your body naturally produces. Aim to reduce your alcohol intake per week/month if you want to retain all the benefits biotin provides for great, healthy hair growth.


Now that we’ve covered the topic on biotin and hair growth, we’d love to know if you use biotin and how it works for you! What dosage to you subscribe to? Do you take a hair supplement? Do you have a daily routine? Share it in the comments, we’d love to know!

Biotin and Hair Growth – How to Speed Up Hair Growth
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