Follicleanse Hair Growth Vitamin for Faster Hair Growth

Follicleanse Hair Vitamin Review

Everything you need to know about Follicleanse’s Hair Vitamin


Summary of What we like about Follicleanse’s Hair Vitamin

  • 100% Natural Ingredients (contains Biotin and amino acids)
  • Vegan Capsules. They’re 100% natural vegan capsules.
  • Easy to use. Fits into a typical vitamin routine. Taken twice a day; Once in the morning, once at night.
  • Easy to get. Doesn’t require a prescription. You can get it directly from follicleanse’s website.
  • Works on all hair types! (Type 1 – 4)
  • Free shipping

Hair Growth With Follicleanse Vitamins

Follicleanse is a company focused on healthy scalps and great hair. With over 15 years in the hair industry, the makers of Follicleanse Hair Nutrition Vitamins believe in combining natural ingredients to tackle hair growth and hair loss.

Hair growth occurs during the anagen stage of your hair growth cycle. During this phase, it’s important to supply your body/hair follicles with the adequate nutrients and right environment it needs to grow.

What is Follicleanse?

Follicleanse - Hair Growth Vitamins

Follicleanse was started as a solution to the problem of slow hair growth, and chemically harsh hair care products in the market that claimed to aid with the growth of longer, thicker, healthy hair. Today follicleanse is used by over 1/2 million families in America who swear by the product. They offer multiple 100% natural hair care/growth products that aid with the acceleration, enhancement, and production of healthy hair. Their product list includes: Shampoo and Conditioner for both normal to dry hair & scalp, and normal to oily hair & scalp; and their hair growth supplement: Follicleanse HNV.

Follicleanse HNV Ingredients Overview

Follicleanse Ingredients - Healthy Hair Growth

Some of the key ingredients in Follicleanse HNV hair growth supplements are:

BIOTIN, 600mcg
Known as Vitamin H, and part of the B-Complex family. Biotin helps the body with metabolization, which is essential for healthy hair growth and body function.

Niacin, 40mg
Known as Vitamin B3, Niacin helps increase circulation to the scalp, which inn turn encourages hair growth.

Cobalanim, 6mcg
Known as Vitamin B12, Cobalanim plays a key role in metabolism. Cobalanim aids in the formation of red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen to your hair strand roots, which in turn gives it the adequate amount of oxygen it need to grow healthy and strong.

Pantothenic Acid, 92mg
Known as vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid aids with metabolizing carbs, protein, and fats, turning them into energy and nourishment for your cells.

Folate, 400mcg
Folate (Folic Acid) aids with tissue growth, and cell reproduction, which is a fundamental aspect of healthy hair growth. Folic acid works with other vitamins to help create, breakdown, and use proteins. Studies have been performed stating that folic acid seems effective in treating alopecia, or hair loss.

Zinc, 20mg
Zinc aids in the reduction of hair loss, and dandruff. The hair growth benefits from using Zinc include cell reproduction, tissue growth, and repairing of broken tissues. Zinc also aids in maintaining the oil-secreting glands that are attached to hair follicles.

For a full breakdown of vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth, you can view our write up on essential vitamins needed for faster, longer, thicker hair growth.

Pros of using Follicleanse HNV

  1. 100% Natural – The ingredients in follicleanse are 100% natural, which means any side effects of follicleanse (if any) are minimal.
  2. Simple and Easy – It doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. Since it’s a vitamin supplement and only requires ingestion twice a day, you can fit it into any schedule.
  3. Over-the-counter – Since it’s a natural and homeopathic solution to hair growth, you don’t need a prescription to buy. You can purchase it directly from follicleanse’s website for the best offers and safe delivery.
  4. Unisex – Though follicleanse doesn’t have individual products for specific genders, the hair vitamin does encourage healthy hair growth in both men and women.
  5. Hair Care System – Not only does Follicleanse offer a healthy hair growth supplement, they also have other hair growth products that support healthy, thicker, longer hair growth. Their products include shampoo and conditioner. They actually offer all three–shampoo, condition, and hair supplement– for a great, affordable price.
  6. Vegan – They’re easy to swallow, all natural vegan capsules.

Cons for using Follicleanse

  1. Small amount of Protein – This might be a pro for some, but protein plays an important role with hair growth. Not having enough protein, doesn’t make follicleanse less effect, but it does mean you will need to consume protein from alternative sources like food or a protein powder supplement. Follicleanse HNV does contain folic acid, which aids with the breakdown of protein


Lily G.

Love it been only 3 week but I already see a difference in my hair I feel it thicker nd healthyier. Love it will keep using it as long as it exists.

Aliyiah G.

I just started using this hair vitamin almost a month now and my husband noticed that my hair is really shiny. So far this product is working. I will continue to use this product a little longer to see more results.

Veronica M.

I am all natural and I cut all my hair off and I see that my new growth is looking good. I think that this will work for me but still haven’t finished my 3 month vitamins just yet. But I do like

Rebekah C.

Well, I am impressed. ..I use to use Hairfinity and it DID NOT work for me. I tried Biotin since it is essential for hair growth and it didnt work….tried shampoos etc….NO LUCK.
My hair takes forever to grow just like my eyelashes. I thought there was just no hope and I accepted that and 3ys ago started wearing weave for the first time since my hair broke off. I feel in.ove w/weave beside the fact it took almost 3hrs to do every 6mos and it is COSTLY! I then had to save money, so 1yr ago, which i NEVER thought I resort to, I went to wearing wigs. I LOVED that…no maintenance ever. B9ut there had to be away to get my hair back growing and long….I want my hair!!!
So….I searched and searched the internet and reviews of 100’s of pills and shampoos and oils…exhausting, overwhelmimg and depressing!
I came across Flollicleanse and it was inexpensive, no having to shampoo hair evryday, as I’m black and we don’t require daily. Also, I was able to speak to someone via chate early in the a.m. while trying to decide if tbis was just another money -maker….he ws awesome! To my amazement it had a money back guarantee. ..I knew I would be returning the product but wanted to give it a fair try and I trust companies who offer this to their clients. My nails grew like weeds, and about 2 btls down the edges of my hair started to grow long! So excited, I ordered 3 more bottles and end of 3rd btl, my hair over all is growing! I am impressed and will be using the shampoo/conditioner and vitamins for as long as I need and or beyond that point! Great products.


Follicleanse Hair Vitamin Results

Follicleanse Hair Vitamin Results African American Hair

Follicleanse Hair Vitamin Results

Do we recommend Follicleanse?

Depends on what you’re looking for. We love the Niiomi Hair Vitamins which are rated #1 , but would also recommend follicleanse hair vitamins to anyone who is interested in trying out alternatives to the niiomi brand.

Where can you buy Follicleanse hair growth supplements?

You can buy Follicleanse hair growth vitamins, and other hair growth related products directly from their website.