Niiomi Hair Vitamins Review

Niiomi Hair Growth Vitamin for Faster Hair Growth

Niiomi Hair Vitamin Review

Everything you need to know about Niiomi’s Hair Vitamin


We Highly Recommend Niiomi Hair Vitamins & rated it #1.

Summary of What we like about Niiomi’s Hair Vitamin

  • Pure Ingredients (contains Biotin). View their ingredient list.
  • Proprietary Blend: Scientifically formulated for maximum results.
  • Made in the USA: Their products are made in the US.
  • Easy to use: Fits into a typical vitamin routine. Taken twice a day; Once in the morning, once at night.
  • Easy to get: Doesn’t require a prescription. You can get it directly from Niiomi’s website.
  • Great for growth on all hair types! (Type 1 – 4)
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Discount: You can get 10% off using this code niiomi10


Hair Growth With Niiomi Hair Vitamins

Based on their site, the Niiomi hair vitamins were created through thorough research & testing. They discovered that blending a combination of vitamins, minerals & amino acids would greatly aid with hair growth, so they decided to design the best vitamin to help you grow long, beautiful hair.

Their vitamin creates an ideal environment for your hair to thrive by supplying your scalp with 18+ vital nutrients which helps with extending the anagen stage of your hair growth cycle.

Your hair growth occurs during the anagen stage of your hair growth cycle. During this phase, it’s important to supply your body/hair follicles with the adequate nutrients and right environment it needs to grow. That’s what the Niiomi hair vitamin seems to set out to do.

What is Niiomi?

NIIOMI - Hair Growth Vitamins

Niiomi was created to help individuals increase their hair healthy and length. They thoroughly research and test their hair vitamin to make sure it’s the best for you. They use only the best + purest ingredients and state “your hair health is our priority”. They are also made in the USA, which makes the ingredients and source more reputable.

They’re flagship product is their hair vitamin. On their website they claim to source all their ingredients from the best in the USA, to create the best hair vitamins for you.

In terms of their ingredients their site states “Our premium, proprietary ingredients are careful selected to ensure the best and healthiest results for your hair, body and scalp.”

Niiomi Hair Vitamins Ingredients Overview

Niiomi Ingredients - Healthy Hair Growth

Some of the key ingredients in Niiomi Hair Vitamins are:

BIOTIN, 5000mcg
Known as Vitamin H, and part of the B-Complex family. Biotin helps the body with metabolization, which is essential for healthy hair growth and body function.

Vitamin E stimulates circulation in the scalp and heals damaged/dry hair. It also protects follicles from toxins.

VITAMIN C, 400mcg
Vitamin C helps with collagen production. It also reduces hair loss, strengths follicles and hair thickness.

Pantothenic Acid, 20mg
Known as vitamin B5, Pantothenic Acid aids with metabolizing carbs, protein, and fats, turning them into energy and nourishment for your cells.

Zinc, 20mcg
Zinc helps reduce hair loss and dandruff. It also helps maintain oil-secreting glands within the scalp.

Bamboo Extract, 12.5mg
Bamboo Extracts contain the richest source of silica which contains essential minerals for healthy hair.

For a full breakdown of their vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth, you can view their ingredients page for a full write up.

Pros of using Niiomi Hair Vitamins

  1. 100% Natural – The ingredients in Niiomi are 100% natural and drug free, which means there are no side effects.
  2. The right amount of biotin – Most companies add too much biotin which can cause breakouts, while others have too little biotin which end up being inefficient. Niiomi has the right amount to be effective and not cause breakouts.
  3. Simple and Easy – It doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. Since it’s a vitamin supplement and only requires ingestion twice a day, you can fit it into any schedule.
  4. Over-the-counter – Since it’s a natural and homeopathic solution to hair growth, you don’t need a prescription to buy. You can purchase it directly from Niiomi’s website for the best offers and safe delivery.
  5. Unisex – Though niiomi doesn’t have individual products for specific genders, the hair vitamin does encourage healthy hair growth in both men and women.
  6. Proprietary Blend – They’re ingredients are scientifically formulated to support healthy hair growth.

Cons for using Niiomi Hair Vitamins

  1. None that we could spot – We are extremely impressed with the quality and service of Niiomi. It was hard to find an con with their product. They seem to work extremely hard to ensure the customer receives a great service and well backed + formulated vitamins that ensure the best results.


Jenn B.

Your product really helped me with my hair thinning problem. After a couple weeks, I started seeing new, thicker growth.

Sara L.

Love the amount of ingredients, especially biotin. I had breakouts when using other products that had too much biotin. With this my skin stays smooth, and hair stays long.

Debbie I.

After cutting my hair I was ready to grow it back right away :(. I was looking for something natural that would help with faster and thicker growth, and that’s when I came across niiomi’s vitamins. They were easy to take and their customer service helped with some tips on ensuring my used it right to grow my hair fast. I’m happy with the results.

Tia S.

After chemical abuse from relaxers, my hair was ready for a new start. I didn’t want to chop all my hair off, so I was looking for a way to increase growth, so I could slowly trim my ends till the damage was gone. That’s when I found NIIOMI Hair Booster! It was a lifesaver. I was able to use it to grow my hair faster, thicker and transition to a more natural look.


Niiomi Hair Vitamin Results

Niiomi Hair Vitamin Results

Do we recommend Niiomi?

If you’re looking for a 100% all natural hair supplement and brand that cares greatly about it’s customer service and results; then we would recommended giving Niiomi a chance.

Where can you buy Niiomi Hair Vitamins?

You can buy Niiomi hair growth vitamins directly from their website.

Click here to visit the official Niiomi website