How to maintain beautiful, healthy hair

How to maintain beautiful, healthy, long hair

You can never have enough hair. By learning how to take care of it and grow it longer, you can always have great looking hair that turns heads.

Healthy hair, the quintessential feature that not only helps us define who we are as a person, but also aids with attraction. Healthy hair is defined by it’s shine, luster, volume, and color, anything less isn’t deemed as healthy or attractive. So how can we maintain healthy, beautiful, “hollywood” status hair?

No matter your hair or ethnic type, listed below are some key things to keep in mind and follow, in order to retain/maintain beautiful, healthy hair.


Wash and dry your hair correctly


The biggest discrepancy that leaves hair dull, brittle and dry is the amount of times a person washes it. An everyday wash is TOO MUCH! The ideal amount of washes your hair needs in a week is in-between 2-3 max.

Over washing hair can lead to damaged hair, due to it becoming more elastic when wet. While wet, your hair is more prone to breakage during the wash. Over washing also strips oils from your hair and scalp, leaving it dry and brittle.

A wash pattern can also be determined by your hair type. A person with curlier hair can go a bit longer without washing their hair due to it having less moistures than straight hair. A person with straighter hair tends to produce more oil, making hair shafts oiler faster.

Avoid shampoos with silicone, sulfate, and alcohol. Silicone and Alcohol coat your hair and weighs it down. Sulphate strips your hair of natural oils, and dries out your hair.

When shampooing massage your scalp to aid with blood circulation, and detoxification.


After every shampoo wash, use a conditioner to restore moisture to your hair. Conditioner aids with improving the look of your hair by adding shine, it improves your hair strength while making it softer, and protects it from harmful UV rays.

Conditioners are for your hair, and less for your scalp. Conditioners work by adding moisture to your hair shafts and making your hair cuticles lie down.

Deep conditioning is extremely beneficial for people with curlier hair. It adds moisture and strength(keratin) back into your hair.


When drying your hair, be gentle. Since hair is fragile while wet, and is prone to breakage, blot-dry, or leave your hair wrapped in a super absorbent towel after washing. An alternative is leaving your hair out after a wash to air dry.

Use hair growth friendly products

Aim to use product with natural, gentler ingredients that aid your hair growth, not damage it. Products that are filled with harsh chemicals like sulfate, paraben, sodium chlorine, or alcohol can damage your hair. These ingredients build up in hair over time, eventually weighing it down and causing damage.

Hair masks, serums, natural oils, and leave0in conditioners are great for moisturizing, softening, and adding shine to your ahir.


Avoid brushing/combing hair when wet

Healthy hair requires a good brushing and combing, but doing so when wet could lead to some hair breakage. Hair is extremely delicate and at its weakest state when wet. Water causes hair to swell, and become more elastic. Combing through wet hair could lead to minor hair cuticle chips, which could cause your hair strands to break.

If you do attempt to comb your hair while wet, do so in the shower while conditioning. The alternative is combing your hair after using an absorbent towel to soak up most of the moisture. Your hair should be fine to comb when it’s around 80% dry.


Eat Healthy

Beautiful hair isn’t achieved by simply focusing on external aspects, what you put into your body plays a far more critical role in how your hair turns out. External methods aid with the maintenance of produced hair, while internal methods aid with the production. In order for your hair to grow healthy during the anagen (growth) stage, giving your scalp the nutrients it needs to accomplish it’s job will be key to growing a beautiful, full, strong, healthy head of hair.

Eating foods that are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty omega acids will aid with supplying adequate nutrients to your hair follicles.

Staying hydrated will also help your hair by flushing out toxins, and keeping your hair hydrated.


Use Supplements

Ingesting all the essential vitamins and minerals needed through food to produce beautiful, healthy hair can be difficult. To ensure your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals are reached, taking a hair growth supplement that’s filled with essential nutrients can greatly aids in covering all bases.


Avoid Stress

Stress can be harmful to healthy hair. When stressed, your body produces a stress hormone called “cortisone” which can lead to thinner hair, or worse hair loss. Taking part in activities like medication or yoga will aid in producing happy hormones called “serotonin” which is vital for maintaining a clear, calm, stress-free mind, and in turn, the production of healthy hair.


Avoid Toxins

Alcohol and smoking are two toxins to stay clear of, if you want to maintain beautiful hair.

When inhaled, cigarette smoke transfers about 4000+ chemicals/toxins to every cell in your body (including your hair follicles). Your hair follicles are damaged by the chemicals, causing them to shrink and wither; leaving little or no room for any form of healthy growth to occur. If your follicles do continue to produce hair, it’s usually brittle and breaks easy. Smoking also reduces blood flow to the scalp, which inhibits nutrients for healthy hair growth. Smoking also increases the amount of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) in the body, which plays a major roll in hair loss/alopecia.

Alcohol causes a reduction in the levels of both iron and zinc in the body. Iron and Zinc are important minerals needed for a healthy hair growth cycle. In addition, alcohol is a diuretic and drinking too much can lead to dehydration with can further slow down or stop healthy hair growth.


Trim hair often

Trimming your hair isn’t going to help it grow faster, but it will aid with keeping it beautiful and healthy. By cutting split ends it keeps them from looking strained, which gives it the appearance of health. Also by getting rid of broken split ends, you avoid the breakage traveling up the hair shaft and spreading.

Aim for a trim every 6-8 weeks.


Avoid Friction

Putting extreme strain on your scalp can be damaging to not only your hair shaft, but your hair follicles as well. Tight hair styles like cornrows, weaves, and ponytails; or hair accessories like hairpins, clips, and rubber bands can lead to breakage or worse, hair loss, due to the extreme tension applied to your hair.

To maintain healthy hair, avoid apply stress to your hair.


Reduce Heat

Extreme heat from hot styling tools like blow dyers, flat irons, and/or curlers can lead to damage of the proteins that make up your hair strands. When the protein in your hair strand is damaged, the protective cuticle is disrupted, causing your hair to become brittle and frail, thus breakage ensues.