Understanding Your Hair Growth Cycle

THE FOUR STAGES of hair growth and how it affects your hair

We breakdown your natural hair growth cycle, how your hair grows and the stages it goes through for long, healthy, beautiful hair.

Hair, the beautiful mane we’ve all come to love, want, and keep. Also one of the key attributes that attracts the opposite sex, instills confidence and helps shape our outward appearance. Hair plays a crucial role in who we are, but there is more to hair than what meets the eyes.

If you identify as a human being, you have the same hair growth cycle as everyone else. Each individual hair strand on your head has it’s own life cycle, and can be in any of the three phases.

There are three phases within the hair growth cycle. These phases are:
Hair Growth Cycle - How your hair grows | Hair GRowth HQ

  • Anagen – The growth phase
  • Catagen – The transitional phase
  • Telogen – The resting phase.

There are usually always around 85% of hairs in the growth phase, and around 14% in the resting phase. When this ratio becomes unbalanced (Anagen<Telogen), hair growth, length, and fullest begins to suffer. At this point hair loss visible can occur.



ANAGEN (The Growth Phase)

Anagen is the active phase of hair growth. Up to around 85% of the hairs on your head goes through this phase at the same time. During this phase, hair grows about half an inch a month, and faster during the summer than the winter; also the metabolism of the hair root is very active at the phase due to root receiving nutrients from the blood supply, ensuring healthy hair growth. The growth phase lasts an average of 2-6 years, so the expected amount of hair growth is around 18-30 inches.

Individuals who have a short active phase of growth tend to have difficulty growing their hair beyond a certain length. While on the other end, individuals who have a long active phase of growth tend to grow very long hair.
Anagen Stage - Hair Growth Cycle | HairGrowthHQ
During this phase, hair is particularly sensitive. Stress, diseases or nutritional deficiencies can cause the root to reduct its activity, which limits the growth phase. In order to ensure optimum performance during this phase, keeping stress levels down, and a maintain a healthy diet, will play a huge factor in hair growth success. Nutrient supplementation that encourages hair growth comes in handy at this phase.

Hair Supplements/Vitamins can greatly aid with improving hair growth per month, supplying your follicles with nutrients and extending your anagen phase. To help you, we’ve ranked and rated some of the most prominent hair vitamins on the market. Learn what vitamin we most recommend, rated #1 and also suggest to friends.

CATAGEN (The Transitional Phase)

Catagen Stage - Hair Growth Cycle | HairGrowthHQ
Catagen is the transitional phase and around 3% of all hairs are in the stage at any time. This phase lasts for about 2-4 weeks. Growth stops, the hair bulb slowly detaches from the scalps blood capillaries (dermal papilla) which once supplied it nutrients, and travels upwards in the scalp.


TELOGEN (The Resting Phase)

Telogen is the resting phase and around 10% – 15% of all hairs on your head are at this stage at any time. This stage lasts for around 3-6 months. Hair growth stops temporarily during this resting stage, and club hair’s are completed formed. Since the hair is no longer attached to blood capillaires, it can no longer be repaired, it loses condition, and can appear to look dull. If the follicle is healthy and well nourished, a new shaft begins to grow and the cycle begins a new.
Telogen Stage - Hair Growth Cycle | HairGrowthHQ
An additional phase/subset of telogen is Exogen.

Exogen is considered by some to be the shedding phase, and the point where the hair strand is released from the follicle. During the exogen phase, old hairs are pushed out naturally by newly formed hair. On any given day, around 50 – 150 hairs are lost, this is considered to be normal hair shedding.



Hair Growth Cycle Flywheel - Hair GrowthHQIt means the key area to focus on for the optimum amount of healthy hair growth is within the Anagen phase (growth stage).  By using hair growth supplements that support hair metabolism and stimulates the formation of new cells, eating healthy, maintaining low levels of stress and living a more healthy lifestyle, all these components should create a more fertile ground through your hair follicles and blood capillaries for beautiful, strong, healthy hair.

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