How to Increase Your Hair Growth

In this post we talk about how to increase your hair growth, what to eat to increase hair growth, drinking water for hair growth, diet for healthy hair, and what vitamin helps hair growth. If growing healthy beautiful hair is your objective, we hope this post will help you on your your journey towards a beautiful mane!

How to Increase Your Hair Growth


Hair plays an important role in defining who we are. It’s a major aspect of our identity. It helps with confidence, self-esteem, appearance and even attracting a partner or landing a job. You can never have too much hair, so finding ways to increase your hair growth is indeed a noble quest. During a typical hair growth cycle, hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month. Half an inch isn’t bad, but with certain actions you can accelerate your growth rate and start seeing longer, stronger, beautiful hair in no time.

Here are some ways you can increase your hair growth.


Eat more protein to increase your hair growth - HairGrowthHQ

Protein plays a major part in healthy hair growth. Your hair structure is made up of a protein called keratin, which makes up about 91% of your hair strands; so having an adequate source of quality proteins is essential. When protein is ingested, the body breaks it down into amino acids, and transports it to all areas of the body. When amino acids reach your scalp, it’s transformed into keratin as your hair grows. Without protein, none of these actions can occur to produce beautiful, strong, healthy hair. So consuming a good amount of protein is required to increase your hair growth.

Meats, poultry and fish are the primary sources for rich-protein and minerals like iron and zinc. Other great protein sources include legumes, diary, and mollusks (oysters) which also contain additional vitamins and minerals.


Take Supplements

Take supplements to increase your hair growth - HairGrowthHQ

Vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids help greatly with the production of healthy, thicker hair. Vitamins like Vitamin C helps with the production of collagen which is a protein your body needs to grow healthy hair. Vitamin C also protects your body from free radicals, which can damage hair. While another vitamin, Biotin, helps produce keratin, and also fortifies your hairs elasticity, thus preventing breakage and hair loss. Biotin also give your hair a thicker look and protects your hair against dryness.

To increase your hair growth it’s essential to fuel your body with different vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. To make sure you’re supplying your body with all the nutrients it needs, it’s recommended you use a great supplement that contains the essential nutrients your body needs for healthy, beautiful hair growth.


Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated to increase your hair growth - HairGrowthHQ

Water is an underrated power house. We are composed of approximately 65% of water, which plays a major role in every internal action from cell production to metabolization and transportation. Healthy hair requires an adequate amount of water to grow and maintain it’s luster. Water hydrates the roots of your scalp, which is the source of nutrients, hydration, and energy for growing healthy hair. It also aids with reduction of dandruff and hair thinning problems. Staying adequately hydrated each day will greatly help to increase your hair growth.

Some tips to stay hydrated include carrying a topped up water bottle, eating fruits and vegetables with high water content, tracking your water intake each day, and spicing up your water with fruits for flavor.


Reduce Hair Styling

Reduce Hair Styling to increase your hair growth - HairGrowthHQ

Over styling your hair can weaken your hair fibers causing it to break and become brittle. To increase your hair growth, giving your hair space to grow and breath will drastically improve it’s chances of growing longer, and healthier. Products that contain harsh chemicals like alcohol, sulfate, and sillicone can damage your hair and weight it down, reducing the amount of hair growth you can achieve each month. Aim to use natural, hair friendly products that moisture while washing and conditioning to help feed your scalp externally, retain hair moisture, and keep your hair soft.


Massage your Scalp

Massage your scalp to increase your hair growth - HairGrowthHQ

Introducing a scalp massage regiment into your routine can greatly aid to increase your hair growth. Scalp massages stimulate the scalp, increases blood circulation to your hair follicles, conditions your scalp, reduces stress, and increases the strength of your hair roots. The kneading during the massage warms your skin and opens up blood vessels, in turn increasing blood flow, and circulation. Increased blood flow to your hair follicle means increased nutrient intake for optimal healthy hair growth.


Reduce Stress

Reduce stress to increase your hair growth - HairGrowthHQ

Stress can play a major role in the reduction of hair growth, or worse hair loss, so keeping stress at bay will greatly aid with healthy hair growth. When stressed, your body produces a stress hormone called “cortisone”. To counter taking part in activities like meditation or yoga will aid in producing happy hormones called “serotonin” which is vital for maintaining a clear, calm, stress-free mind. Getting an adequate amount of sleep has also been shown to help reduce stress.


Those were some holistic ways to increase your hair growth we recommend. The biggest hurdle is mindset. Once you commit to starting your journey towards growing a healthy, beautiful head of hair, you’ll begin to see results by following some of these tips. To fully maximize your hair growth cycle, there all other aspects to consider, but the points above are a step in the right direction.


Will you be applying these simple tips to your hair growth routine? What do you do to increase your hair growth? Leave a comment, we’d love to know!

How to Increase Your Hair Growth

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