What Makes Your Hair Grow and 9 Ways to Grow it Faster

A commonly asked question is “what makes your hair grow?”; In this post we answer that by covering how you can make your hair grow faster, longer, and thicker, by sharing some practical tips to grow your hair faster. We breakdown the top hair habits you need to embrace in order to see results for longer, fuller hair growth.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster, Longer and Thicker

How to make your hair grow fast, longer, and thicker | HairGrowthHQ

Healthy hair is a symbol of health, youth, beauty and vitality, which is why it’s one of the most prided features people attribute their identity to. Growing hair is tied to multiple factors like general healthy, well-being, diet, hormones, and genetics. Everyone has three stages of hair growth, these are the anagen, catagen, and the telogen phases. Anagen is the growth phase. Up to around 85% of the hairs on your head goes through this phase at the same time, and this is also when the metabolization of your hair root is most active. The other phases (catagen and telogen have to do with hair loss, which you can read more about here)

For beautiful healthy hair growth, supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to feed your hair follicles during the anagen growth cycle is one of the ways to grow your hair faster, longer and thicker. There are other things to consider to boost your hair growth during your anagen phase, which we list below. These include:


A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet aids making your hair grow fast, longer, and thicker | HairGrowthHQ

Eating clean, healthy food plays a major role in healthy hair growth. Food that are filled with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and protein are the fundamental building blocks of both a healthy body and healthy hair. Without an adequate amount of nutrients, your hair could begin to grow slower, or worse, stop growing completely. One of the primary nutrients to focus on is protein. Your hair is largely composed of a protein called Keratin. When you ingest protein, your body breaks it down into amino acids, which is used by your body to create keratin. So eating a good amount of protein is essential for healthy hair growth.

Vitamins, fats and minerals like vitamin C, B, E , D, iron, zinc and omega 3’s are also essential for healthy, strong hair growth.

Sources for a healthy balanced diet are meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, legumes, diary, grains, and eggs.


Brush Your Hair

Brushing your hair aids making your hair grow fast, longer, and thicker | HairGrowthHQ

Brushing your hair with a soft boar bristle brush can help stimulate blood circulation around your scalp giving your hair follicles more nutrients, and it also aids with the distribution your scalp’s natural oils. Now that said, over brushing can lead to hair breakage/damage, so aim to brush your hair 1-2 times in the morning and at night.

NEVER brush your hair when wet. Your hair is at it’s weakest when wet, and combing while wet can lead to breakage. Aim to air dry, or use an absorbent towel to get your hair 85-90% dry, then use a wide tooth comb for detangling.

Bonus Tip: When combing start from the hairs end and work your way up to your scalp. By doing this, you avoid causing large knots, and chances of losing hair.


Use Supplements

Supplements aids making your hair grow fast, longer, and thicker | HairGrowthHQ

Supplements are one of the best ways to maintain an adequate intake of nutrients. Let’s face it, keeping a healthy diet isn’t easy. With the hectic nature of life, finding time to eat all the foods required to grow healthy, beautiful hair can be difficult, so opting for a hair growth supplement that takes care of all the nutrients you need for the day in one pill is pretty amazing.

The current fad is using simply a biotin supplement, but we believe looking for a hair growth supplement that has other nutrients your body needs like vitamin c, iron, and zinc is the key to growing longer, thicker, healthier hair faster.


Reduce Stress

Less Stress aids making your hair grow fast, longer, and thicker | HairGrowthHQ

Aim to reduce the amount of stress you have in your life. We know this is harder said than done, but stress can play a roll in hair loss. Your body has a hair growth cycle which is composed of 3 cycles; the anagen (growth) phase, the catagen (transition) phase, and the telogen (resting) phase. When your body encounters extreme stresses like the loss of loved one, surgery, an illness, or a loss of employment, it could disturb you growth cycle causing a commonly known hair loss symptom to occur called telogen effluvium.

To reduce stress, try exercising. Exercise not only aids with relieving stress, it also aids with blood circulation, removing toxins from our hair follicles, and helps with oxygen transportation to the scalp. Other stress reducing activities include yoga, and meditation.


Massage Your Scalp

A Scalp Massage aids making your hair grow fast, longer, and thicker | HairGrowthHQ

When shampooing, conditioning or natural oils application aim to massage your scalp. Massaging your scalp helps promote blood flow to the scalp, giving your hair follicles the nutrients it needs to grow healthy hair. By massaging your hair during a wash, you aid with the removal of external toxins, freeing up your hair follicles for healthier hair growth.


Use Essential Oils

Essential Oils aid with making your hair grow fast, longer, and thicker | HairGrowthHQ

Using essential oils greatly aids with maintaining a healthy scalp, which in turn helps with the growth of healthy hair. Essential oils are derived from plants, and are usually diluted in a carrier oil before being applied to hair. Essential oils are known to help stimulate hair follicles externally for healthy hair growth. They also aid with the reduction of irritations and dandruff, strengthen hair shafts, and protects hair from heat damage.


Stay Hydrated and Drink Water

Drinking water aids making your hair grow fast, longer, and thicker | HairGrowthHQ

Water plays a major role in healthy hair growth. Our bodies are composed of around 65% water – that’s a major portion of what we are – so drinking water greatly helps with multiple factors like digestion, absorption, circulation, and the transportation of nutrients. Your scalp and roots need a good portion of water to both feed current hair, and produce new healthy hair growth. Learn more about the importance of water for hair growth.


Avoid Over-Styling

Over styling hair doesn't aid with growing longer, healthy hair | HairGrowthHQ

It’s great to have contemporary, crowd stopping hair styles, but everything in moderation. Too much hair styling could lead to hair breakage and damage. An example of over styling is constant use of a flat iron on your hair. Constant extreme heats could lead to damage of the proteins that make up your hair strands. When the protein in your hair strand is damaged, the protective cuticle is disrupted, causing your hair to become brittle and frail, thus breakage ensues.

Hair styles like tight cornrows also inhibit your hair follicles from growing great, healthy hair, due to the tension they’re typically placed under.

Other examples of over-styling are: tightly braided hair, tightly pulled back pony tails, weaves, hair extensions, hot blow dryers, and/or curlers.


Trim Your Ends Often Trimming your ends aid with making your hair grow fast, longer, and thicker | HairGrowthHQ

Trimming your hair isn’t going to help it grow faster, but it will aid with keeping it beautiful and healthy. By cutting split ends it keeps them from looking strained, which gives it the appearance of health. Also by getting rid of broken split ends, you avoid the breakage traveling up the hair shaft and spreading.

Aim for a trim every 6-8 weeks.


Bonus Tips

Shampoo Less, Condition More

Washing your hair too often doesn’t help with healthy hair growth, it actually does the opposite. Washing your hair helps rid your scalp of toxics and product buildup (which is great), but washing your hair also rids your scalp of natural oils that keep your hair strands healthy and soft. Aim to wash your hair once or twice a week depending on your hair type. People with more curlier hair can go a bit longer without washing their hair, while someone with straight hair might need to wash more often.

Always condition after a shampoo wash. Conditioning helps strengthen and moisturize your hair strands keeping it healthy, shiny, and strong.


Avoid Toxic Hair Products

Some products on the market can dry out your hair which could lead to breakage. Avoid products with alcohol in them, as they contribute to hair damage, and brittleness. Aim to use natural hair products that aid with increasing moisture and cuticle protection in your hair. Great hair products can aid with protecting your hair strands, keeping it healthy and strong for a long period of time.

The more extreme product to avoid are bleaches, dyes and perms. These types of chemical product damage your hair cuticles leading to breakage, or even worse, hair loss. Perms specifically can lead to hair follicle damage through chemical burn, if that occurs, the damaged hair follicles may stop growing hair all together.


Now that you know what makes hair grow, will you be incorporating any of these routines into your daily regiments? What do you do to make your hair grow faster, longer, and thicker? Share with us what makes your hair grow faster? Leave a comment below, we’d love to know!

What Makes Your Hair Grow and 9 Ways to Grow it Faster
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